Nothing conveys self-confidence quite like a brilliant, white smile. Whether your teeth are discolored from the types of food and drink you consume, or general wear and tear have taken its toll, you may be looking for an easy way to enhance your smile.

Professional teeth whitening at Camellia City Family Dentistry is one of the most affordable cosmetic solutions available to brighten a faded smile. For your convenience, we offer take-home kits or whitening in our office. If you choose in-office whitening, we’ll apply the whitening gel to your teeth and leave it on for an hour or less, depending on your needs.

With take-home whitening, we’ll provide you with custom-made trays that you’ll fill with the gel and leave on your teeth for about 20-30 minutes every day. Depending on your desired results, we’ll tell you exactly how long you should continue your at-home whitening treatment.

Professional teeth-whitening treatments offer many advantages over store-bought kits. First, a dentist can prescribe whitening gel with a higher concentration of peroxide than you can purchase over the counter. Your whitening trays are also completely customized because we make them using impressions of your teeth. This creates a snug fit, allowing the gel to cover all surfaces of your teeth evenly.

If you’d like more information about the beautiful results we can help you achieve with professional teeth whitening, please give us a call!

Insurance and the cost of treatment play a major part in the decisions you make about your dental care. All dental plans are different, and coverage varies on provider and your specific plan, which can get confusing.

Worrying about the costs of dental care for you and your family can be stressful. But getting proper dental care is so important to your overall health, and we want to make sure that every patient gets the care they need. Our office works with care credit as well to assist with any dental costs not covered by your insurance company, and we can help you apply for an account anytime.

Our team of dental experts can help you review your coverage for any treatments that you may need, and we always review cost before performing any procedures. We want you to feel confident in your knowledge of your dental plan! Since every plan is unique, if you’ve switched recently, your coverage may vary from what you are used to. Our staff is very familiar with all the insurance terminology and processes to help you feel more comfortable overall.

For your convenience, we are happy to process all insurance claims. This process can be confusing as well on your own, so leave the hard work to us! We’ll do all the heavy lifting, and you can simply relax and get the treatment that you need for a healthy and beautiful smile!

If you have a question about what your specific insurance covers, please give us a call. We are always happy to answer any initial questions that you may have, and you can schedule an appointment with our experienced doctor to get started on your treatment plan.

We agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association that states that children should start seeing the dentist when baby teeth start erupting, but no later than age one. At this stage, we don’t necessarily perform any actual treatment because we want to make sure your child is comfortable with us first.

During the first few visits at this early age, we just want your child to see visits to the dentist in a positive light. If there are no signs of serious dental problems, the extent of work we do depends on how receptive your child is. Dental care is obviously important, but making them feel positive about taking care of their teeth will last far into adulthood.

It’s crucial to monitor the health of your child’s baby teeth because they are placeholders for adult teeth, which are already developing in the gums. If a child develops a cavity, we need to fill it as soon as possible. Losing even one baby tooth too early can result in problems as permanent teeth emerge and may potentially lead to misalignment or other issues.

At Camellia City Family Dentistry, we enjoy working with kids and helping them develop good oral health habits. Our team knows that each child has a unique personality, and we treat them accordingly. You can always be confident that your little one is receiving the highest quality dental care in a safe, friendly environment.

Please contact our Slidell dental office, and we’ll be happy to help you arrange your child’s first visit.

Dental x-rays are one of the most valuable diagnostic tools we use at Camellia City Family Dentistry because they allow us to detect developing problems while they are in their earliest stages and easy to treat.

We believe in using state-of-the-art technology when it benefits you. We use digital radiography that reduces your exposure by as much as 80% compared to traditional x-rays. Not only are digital images safer, they are preferable to traditional x-rays because they are less invasive and give us a detailed view of what’s happening inside your teeth.

In regard to exposure from x-rays, it’s good to remember that even the sun exposes us to some level of radiation all the time. We have found that the small exposure that occurs with dental x-rays is offset by its diagnostic benefits.

We want you to be comfortable with every aspect of your treatment at our Slidell dentist office. If you still have any concerns about the safety of dental x-rays, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. A trained member of our professional team will be happy to answer all your questions.

When you arrive at our office, you can expect to be greeted promptly by a member of our friendly team. Before you see the doctor, you will need to fill out some forms so we can get the important information we need to make sound decisions about your dental care.

If you don’t have current x-rays, we will take a new set of detailed digital images so we can see the exact condition of your teeth. Next, Dr. Tomaszewski will perform a comprehensive visual exam and develop an appropriate treatment plan using the information he gathers. We may or may not do a dental cleaning since we don’t know what to anticipate until we understand the state of your oral health.

Once Dr. Tomaszewski has been able to review your x-rays, he will discuss your treatment needs with you. Whether you are in good shape, need a few fillings, or have some larger treatments ahead of you, our team will be able to help you through the process to ensure that you fully understand all of your options. We will always review costs and insurance coverage with you before any treatments are performed.

Throughout your first visit, we will ask you to share your concerns and goals for a healthy smile. Your treatment plan isn’t complete until we get to know a little bit about you and understand all your needs. We have been able to create a comprehensive list of services to help our patients with a wide array of dental concerns under one roof!

We know that after a few visits, you’ll see that we are a friendly team of professionals who have your best interest in mind. Please contact us today to make your first appointment at Camellia City Family Dentistry in Slidell, Louisiana. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

When we talk about cosmetic dentistry, we’re referring to any dental procedure that enhances the appearance of your smile. Dr. Tomaszewski has invested many hours in learning about cosmetic treatments like in-office and take-home teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Invisalign, and dental bonding so that he can bring you the most up-to-date dental care possible.

It’s no secret that the way you look affects the way you feel about yourself. When you feel good about the way you look, you’re more likely to interact confidently with others. There’s no need to hide your beautiful smile because of aesthetic flaws. We offer all the treatments you need to transform your smile.

Dr. Tomaszewski has the necessary training, skills, and experience needed to provide effective cosmetic dental treatments with outstanding results. Your cosmetic treatment can be combined with restorative dental treatments, allowing us to solve a wide variety of imperfections.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, please give our Slidell dentist office near you a call. There is nothing our team enjoys more than seeing a happy patient leave our office with a beautiful, healthy smile. A friendly member of our team will be happy to arrange a convenient consultation to discuss all the ways we can use cosmetic dental treatments to benefit you.

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